QUILLING:  The Art of Paper Filigree

artistic-quills-home-pagehome-page-bannerQuilling is a unique paper art that began hundreds of years ago. In our fast-paced society which is so focused on technology, Quilling is just the opposite: by using simple strips of paper and ordinary every-day tools, you can create beautiful works of art.



There are many wonderful things about Quilling!

  • It is an inexpensive artform, there is no need for fancy or costly equipment.
  • It is very portable and can be done anywhere
  • It is unique and not widely known, yet it has a rich history and has been passed down through generations.
  • It appeals to men and women of all ages and can be used in a variety of ways.


Are you interested in having a class?  I teach various levels of Quilling and have taught in libraries, museums, art schools, camps, galleries, craft stores and private homes.  Please see the Contact link if you are interested in scheduling a class or having a piece designed for you or for a loved one for a special occasion.


I am committed to making sure that this beautiful art “lives on”

and to further educate all who are interested in continuing its legacy!